Posted by: Growth for Today | July 23, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears…Oh My!

Lions and tigers and bears…oh my

My guess is that when you read the title of this blog, you think of the movie, “Wizard of Oz.”  If you remember Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man, they were in a forest and they were scared.  There was fear written all over their faces.  They were afraid of wild animals.  And, what happened?  One jumped out at them, and it turned out to be the most fearless lion ever!

This is true of our lives.  We fear, we fear, we fear.  Many times our fear never comes true, or if it does, it doesn’t turn out like we were afraid it might.  I have heard it said that only 8% of what we worry about ever comes true.  And, in the case of Dorothy and her friends, the fear they were scared about turned out to be a friend; not a negative but a positive.

Let’s be honest, we spend too much time being fearful.  You may not be afraid of wild animals, but I bet you could easily make a list in thirty seconds of several fears.  My guess is that something is popping into your brain right now.

Many of our fears are that of the unknown.  We may not even know what we are truly afraid of in our minds and hearts, but the idea of fear is scary.  It can make us stop in our tracks and stop moving forward in life.  An example is being afraid of failing so you don’t start your own business or you don’t try to get your MBA.  You might be afraid of a new community so you don’t take the job or career path that could really set you apart from your colleagues.  You may be afraid of commitment so you don’t marry the person you know is right for you.  There are many other examples I could give, but the point is that fears can hold you back from your best life possible.

Even if fear doesn’t stop you in your tracks, it might make you take smaller steps.  It could cause you to be too cautious.  Because of this maybe you don’t let a new friend into your life, or apply for the job promotion.  Or, maybe by the time you do apply the job has been snagged by someone else because you were too cautious.

There are not many people who became great because they were crippled by fear.  On the contrary, they still had fears, but they did not let those fears interrupt what they were trying to accomplish.  I love this quote by Thomas Edison, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Sometimes we are closer to success that we realize.  We have to stop tuning the radio of our hearts and minds to WFEAR FM.  Rather, we have to listen to possibilities that can come if we just take a chance.  And, if failure comes, at least you will know that you tried, which is better than doing nothing at all.

How do you want to live…fearful or fearless?  How can you put fear behind you, and begin to move forward?  How can you be courageous instead of a coward?

Conquering fear is one of my specialties, so if you find yourself gripped by fear, feel welcome to email me.  I would love to help you find guiltless freedom to say no, and to help you sit in the driver’s seat of your life once and for all!

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